It’s So Bad It’s Good.

Today from 4-5pm I’ll be a guest DJ on the Satan vs. Sunshine radio show on W+K radio.  For this special occasion I’ve chosen to dig through my dusty record collection and pull out some of my favorite “so bad it’s good” albums to share.  Part of the fun with these LPs is not only the music, but the album art.  When I’m digging through heaps of junk at the Goodwill bins looking for some new tunes, it’s always the cover that catches my eye first and makes me snatch it up, cross my fingers and hope the music is so bad it’s good!

Below are the album covers for the songs that I’ll be spinnin’ today.  Be sure to examine them in detail because the visuals add so much more to the listening experience.

Several of these are actually quite well known and you can find them posted elsewhere on the web, but there are a few gems in my collection that I haven’t seen referenced anywhere else on the web.  After the show I’ll post some mp3s for your listening pleasure.

Update: Show’s over, folks.  Here are the tracks, plus a few extra.

Faith Walkers – They Can’t Take It Away

Belle Barth – Intro Song

Ferrante and Teicher – Man From Mars

Spaced Out Disco Fever – Theme from Star Trek

Bob’s Marriage Repair Kit – Repair that Affair

Rev. Francis Cram and Wanda – There’s Glory In My Soul

MCCSRA – Leaving Home – Darren Casteel and Matt Frigon

Freeway – My Way

The Click Kids – We’re Happy Christians

Burt Reynolds – You Can’t Always Sing a Happy Song

Switched-On Rock – Spinning Wheel

Faith Walkers – Beautiful Love Drops

Ronnie Prophet – Eleanor Rigby

Lena Zavaroni – Ma He’s Making Eyes at Me

The Click Kids – King Jesus

MCCSRA – ‘sgonnabetits – John Bumstead

Bob’s Marriage Repair Kit – Baby Marriage

Scotty Alexander – The Gambler

Rev. Francis Cram and Wanda – Put Your Hand in the Hand

The Click Kids – Gospel Train

Steno Booster – Saginaw, August 9, 1960

Bert and I

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