The Useless Buttons Universe

The universe is expanding!
Due to the increasing amount of buttons that have been added, the universe has been separated. Choose your destination.

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NOTE: This page is not designed to allow you to create a button then take it home to place on your page. People have been asking why they can't get their button and I reply, "You're not supposed to, they're useless!" If you really want a hint then view the source and cut and paste. That's all.

It's finally here! Take a look at every button ever created in the Useless Buttons Universe Archive. Can you handle it?

I've compiled lists of my favorite buttons, and the buttons that I most despise. I call them:

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Remote Useless Button Creation Portal
If you want to save some time, you can create your button here. Type what you want your button to say in the space below, and click "Make My Button!"

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